The Curiosity Community

Want to meet new people without any pressure? Want to learn interesting new things for fun? Want to share your interests? If yes, then Curry is right for you!

What's Curry?

The Curry website is meant to help you meet new people… or to spice up your time with people you’ve already met!

Curry operates on a simple system: you teach informal lessons for Curries (our virtual currency), and you spend Curries on lessons from other people. Each Curry is worth 10 minutes of a lesson of your choosing!

Curry lets you explore new (and often unorthodox) things in a completely low-stress environment. Here, learning is exclusively for the purpose of having fun. We’re a big fan of all things interesting and quirky, but anything goes as long as you’re passionate about it.

When you put community and curiosity together, you get a low stress environment where you can meet new people… but you’ve already got lots to talk about!

Some Lessons You Could Take Today

What Can I Use Curry For?

Curry is extremely versatile – that’s the beauty of it! But we suggest fun, low pressure lessons that can be done once and don’t require any work on your own time. After all, learning should be fun, and you shouldn’t need to do homework to meet new people.

Some of our favorite Curry lessons:

  • Cooking
  • Book Recommendations
  • Basic Knowledge of the Netherlands
  • Pretty much anything you could teach in a coffee shop… but there’s no limit on what you can teach and learn.

Of course, you could use Curry for anything, and these are some more serious ideas:

  • Language lessons
  • Peer tutoring / editing
  • Music lessons
  • Sports lessons
  • Artistic consultations

How Does Curry Work?

Sign up now and post a lesson you can teach! Remember, Curry is super informal, so don’t sweat it! After you’ve posted something, head on over to the Available Lessons tab and look for something that interests you. If you want more information, click on the button below.

Happy learning!