Have you ever wanted to know how to ask for a sangría when you were at the beach in Mallorca? Or do you want to watch La casa de papel in original version? Or do you want to pronounce Paella properly? Then this class is for you!!

I am a native Spanish girl, who wants to teach the language in a dynamic way focusing in the student needs and objectives. The class is designed both for beginners and advanced learners. The class is 3 curries for forty five minutes.

Therefore do not hesitate and make your next vacations in Spain or Latin America even better!!!!

Username: Aitana

Length: 45 mins

Curries: 3

Note: There are several differences in the language spoken in Latin America and Spain. For that reason, I am afraid I can only teach one version of Spanish.

One thought

  1. Great lesson! Aitana was very patient with me, and we went over basic grammar and vocabulary on how to get around in a Spanish restaurant. I’m looking forward to the next lesson 🙂

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