Piano Lessons

Do you have a crush that you want to impress with some amazing music skills? Are you looking for a new hobby that is at the same time fun and intellectually stimulating? Do you wish to express yourself more through music? Well, in either case, I am here to help. 

I started the piano when I was 6 and have now been playing for 12 years. I would be delighted to share my passion for music and this amazing instrument through the Curry community.  

I am much more familiar with classical music but one of the reasons I am proposing piano lessons is to also explore other genres such as jazz, blues, contemporary and other experimental types of music. 


One thought

  1. Really nice piano lesson! I absolutely wanted to learn how to play piano again after stopping for several years, and Astrid provided me with this opportunity. We started off with the ‘Mia and Sebastian Theme’ from City of Stars. Astrid was encouraging throughout the lesson and I feel like I’ve already made great progress. If you’ve always had a song in mind that you wanted to learn how to play, this is your chance 🙂

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