vegetarian + vegan cooking

Are you looking to eat a little greener, do something good for the planet and yourself but not ready to give up on your tastebuds? Are you on a budget? 

If the answer is yes, maybe I can help you out! 
Anything from recipes, cooking tips, knife skills to nutrition advice or just sharing the joy of eating more plants 🙂 

I’ve been plantbased for over 8 years now so I know a couple tips and tricks when it comes to even making something like kale taste really good… 😉 

Know a wide range of cuisines from Filipino, Hong Kong, southern Chinese to Indian, German and most things in between. 

Also, if you’re up for trying completely new veggies and dishes you’ve never heard or seen before- we can head out to my favourite “unconventional” markets in Amsterdam and explore! 


(anything from 10 minutes to an hour+,  completely up to what you need!) 

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