Signing Up

To sign up for Curry, click on “register” in the right toolbar. You’ll be taken to the registration page. Fill out your information, then click on “Complete Sign-Up.” You will get an email confirmation to activate your account. Follow the instructions in the email.

Once you have followed those instructions, proceed to log in with the information you created earlier. After you have logged in, you’ll be ready to participate in the Curry community.

Offering a Lesson

 Now that you’ve signed up, you’re ready to offer your first lesson! Head over to “Offer a Lesson” on the main menu, and fill out the form. Remember to INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME and the LENGTH OF THE LESSON. Your username is especially important, because without your username, people will have trouble messaging you and sending you Curries.
Remember, since we want to make sure all learning is created equal, 10 minutes of lesson are worth 1 Curry.

Finding a Lesson

 Congratulations, you’re part of the Curry community now! Head on over to “Available Lessons” in the main menu. You can scroll through the options, or you can use the search bar in the right toolbar to find exactly what you’re looking for.


If you don’t find a lesson you want, never fear! Check back later. Curry is a constantly expanding community, and something that isn’t offered today may very well be offered tomorrow. Also, we’re working on a function where users can request classes they want to take but don’t see offered. Sit tight!

Contacting Your Teacher

Now that you’ve found a lesson you want to take, simply head over to the “Messaging” tab in the main menu. Create a new conversation, input the username of the community member offering the lesson, and send them a message expressing your interest. They should get back to you shortly to organize a time and a place to meet. (As a teacher, remember to keep an eye on your messages and sign up for email notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on any students who want to take your lesson!)

Once you’ve arrived at your lesson, it’s time to transfer the proper amount of Curries to your teacher (remember, 10 minutes = 1 Curry). We recommend doing this before your lesson to avoid any awkwardness at the end, and to make sure nobody forgets. Just head over to the “Make a Transfer” form in the sidebar and follow the instructions!

After Your Lesson

You just had your first Curry lesson! Feels good, right? It’s good practice to leave your teacher a rating after your lesson, detailing what you liked and didn’t like. Head over to the “Available Lessons” page thanks to the main menu, find the listing for the lesson you just took, and scroll down to the “Comment on the Lesson” section. Here you can list what you liked and didn’t like about the lesson, and whether you would recommend it to others. Remember, Curry is a community. Be nice, but be honest!

Other Cool Features

Want to keep up to date with developments in the Curry community and read interesting blog posts about the science of learning? Head over to the “News” page, which you find thanks to the main menu at the top of your screen.

Want to learn more about the Curry team? Click on About Us in the menu at the bottom of any page.

Want to send us a message with suggestions or to report something? Head over to Contact Us, also in the menu at the bottom of any page.